Welcome to Lift Maintenance UK, we are an independent lift maintenance company, which offers complete maintenance services, and support to management agencies and building owners in the public and private sectors. We take pride in our dynamic customer centric organisation that takes a proactive approach when it comes to modern lift maintenance procedures. We offer a wide variety of lift maintenance packages that provides professional regular servicing by a team of highly experienced and fully trained engineers who ensure virtually trouble-free operation. We have acquired many years of experience in Lift Repairs and Lift Maintenance and our maintenance services are planned to cover the complete lifespan of your lifts which involve lift installation, lift modernisation and lift refurbishment.

We take our business very seriously and provide customers with a hassle-free and stress-free experience when it comes to lift maintenance issues. Let us remind you when the next lift inspection of repair is required. If there are any new regulations or legislations in effect, we will inform you and offer necessary recommendations. We have been offering lift services in London & Newcastle for several years and are one of the leading lift maintenance and lift repair companies in the UK. We know our business and have a deep understanding about it, so choose us to be your lift maintenance partner as we guarantee to provide unbeatable service.

We deliver rapid response and our dedicated workforce ensures that every question or enquiry is answered so that you are better served. Our services have been structured to provide a smooth and efficient running of your lifts for years to come.

As one of the leading lift company in the UK, we take great pride in our outstanding reputation for attention to details and exception, genuine quality standards – all the time, every time. So whatever your requirements are we are here to assist you!

Lift Maintenance

We offer lift maintenance tender and service contracts to our clients who wish to maintain and repair all makes of lifts and provide an inclusive 24 hour, 365 days per year emergency support staff in case our clients experience a lift service failure. We cater to all facets of business, industry and commerce, which include both private and public organisations. From national retailers, finance and petro-chemical companies to local authorities and housing associations we cater to everybody and anybody.

We devise planned preventative maintenance contracts (PPM) which are tailor made according to every client to better suit their individual requirements, which includes the lift type, the use, the environment and scope of contract giving us a better understanding of how to serve you with high quality lift maintenance service. These contracts are planned to offer you a cost effective way of maintaining the longevity, efficiency and safety of your lifts. Our team of professional and expert engineers will visit your site at your convenience and carry out necessary checks and assessment that will point out potential problems, which in the long run can cause a breakdown.

We always keep the customer in mind when trying to serve our clients making sure that all their expectations and requirements are met so that they can obtain complete customer satisfaction. In case our work doesn’t match the standards of your expectations don’t worry we will re-visit your site and try to resolve the issue until you are 100% happy and satisfied.

Our engineers will ensure that carefully inspect, clean, lubricate and adjust all necessary aspects of your equipment to obtain optimum performance from lifts at all times. They will make sure that your lifts run smoothly year round and in case you experience any difficulties or malfunction with your lifts, don’t stress give us a call and we will have one of our experienced engineer at your premise in no time.

Lift Servicing

We understand the importance of assessing and maintaining your lifts so that they can benefit from optimum performance. This is why we are one of the leading lift maintenance companies in the UK who provide bespoke packages to our clients, which best suit, their requirements. We not only look after our lifts but are more than happy to look after your lifts too. We do this because we understand how important it is for your lifts to run smoothly and this is why you depend on them heavily. In order to avoid disruption and long-term break down our team of expert engineers make sure that they assess your lifts over time to ensure that every problem is resolved and avoid and future breakdown.

Regular preventive measures are vital to make sure that your lifts run efficiently, safely and reliably. Our lift servicing programme offers you peace of mind because you no longer have to worry when your lifts might experience a breakdown. We will perform occasional visits to your premise to ensure that your lifts operate perfectly from time to time. We understand that lifts in different environments have varied usage patterns and this is why we work very closely with our clients to better understand their working conditions so that our maintenance programme specifically fits their requirements.

We are comfortable working with all types and makes of lifts which include Otis, Express, Kone, Schindler, Stannah, Thyssen, stair lifts, passenger lifts, good hoists, Hammond & Champness and goods lifts. So no matter what type or kind of lift you have we will make sure our professional and qualified engineers will have it fixed promptly. If you are looking for optimal reliability and performance from your lifts, call us for a no obligation maintenance quote.

Lift Repairs

We understand that equipment can suffer significant wear and tear from time to time, it might become damaged or eventually stop working. This is where we come in, our team of highly professional and talented engineers will focus on delivering outstanding repair maintenance service that will keep your lifts working properly for as long as possible. We offer the widest possible variety of lift repairs to our clients. This includes prompt repair services after a breakdown, repair works that involve health and safety requirements, upgrades to comply with statutory regulations. We offer only the best when it comes to lift repair services and take great pride in meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

We understand that often repair work falls outside of your standard contract agreement, therefore we provide cost-effective repair service, which estimates everything we do, and without your approval, we don’t start work. In addition to contracted repairs, we also offer one-off repairs. When you have a broken lift, it can cause significant disruption for you and your employees, this means climbing a flight of stairs to get to your designated floor, sometimes carrying supplies or equipment. This can be a major hassle and inconvenience. To avoid this you will need a prompt response for one-off repairs and we are here to help you with it.

It doesn’t matter what brand or model your lifts are, our professional team of expert and certified engineers will have your lifts running smoothly in no time. Whether it is a major repair service or involves minor tweaks her and there, we have it covered for you. Give us a call if you are experiencing problems with your lifts, we will send in our competent team to address the problem and apply lateral thinking so that you can receive only the best repair maintenance service that we have to offer.

Lift Modernisation

Lifts are often considered to be a major part of the overall aesthetic appeal of a building. This is why you need to make sure that your commercial or residential lifts are running smoothly at all times so that you are able to deliver the right first impression on your customers or tenants. In order for this to happen you need a reliable and trustworthy modernisation and refurbishment expert which is why we are here. We offer a comprehensive range of lift modernisation services: whether it involves a basic lift control panel change or a full refurbishment of multiple lift sites, we would be more than happy to come on board and accept your project.

Our highly talented and professional team of engineers will make sure to complete all tasks within your suggested timeframe with exceptional high standards. We are well aware that customers want value for their money and so if it involves adapting or replacing parts of your lifts for a safer and securer use then that is exactly what we will do. Over time lifts wear out or become outdated and need a new look. It is inevitable that at some point you will need to consider lift modernisation for a more appealing and modern look. Here we provide clients with a complete lift modernisation service, which involves upgrading the lift’s internal mechanisms and interior design.

We understand that lift modernisation and refurbishment might be costly but we make sure that we offer you a cost effective solution that is tailor made to your requirements because our customers always come first. We offer a wide range of fitting and finishes, which caters to all tastes and budgets. You can select from our variety of fittings and finishes that will make your lifts not only look stylish and modern but they will also comply with the recent regulations.

As technology advances so does the technology involved in your lifts, from replacing old relays and switchgear with innovative microprocessor controls to removing traditional lift traction units and adding new drivers to ensure safety and security of your passengers and supplies.

Lift Refurbishment

At some point, all lifts require lift refurbishment and delaying it can only cause a detrimental effect, which is a result of ignoring maintenance requirements. Lift problems such as slow operation, downtime, high-energy use and electrical noise can create quite a hassle and nuisance for your passengers. Identifying lift problems and having them resolved on real-time basis can substantially decrease a lot of hassle for you. By employing a reliable and accountable lift maintenance company like ours, you will not have to worry about your lifts anymore. There are various technical and electrical components evolved when it comes to lift refurbishment. Acquiring professional and experienced expertise in this area is crucial in order for your lifts to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Obsolete lift parts can be easily replaced with modern equivalent, which will increase the durability and efficiency of your lifts. Lifts consume a high proportion of energy in your building and therefore without a meter monitoring its usage you will be unable to track how much energy it actually consumes especially in high traffic conditions. Over time, parts of your lifts might wear and tear, which will eventually require a replacement or necessary adjustments. Prolonging this can interfere with the operation of the lift making matters even worse in future. This is why you need a reliable lift maintenance partner who can ensure that your lifts are performing smoothly while you look after matters that are more important.

We generally perform a detailed survey of your lift and work very closely with you to better understand your working condition. We will then put forward our recommendation for lift refurbishment and if you are satisfied with it, we will begin with the work. But until we don’t receive your permission we will not take a single step forward. We perform the following lift refurbishment:

  • Modifying or updating your lift so that it adheres to current standards/legislations.
  • Aesthetic upgrade to lift doors and lift car.
  • Improve control panel system in order to enhance ride quality and traffic flow.
  • Increase travel speed
  • Automatic re-levelling

Lift Removal

We make sure to fully assess the lift before removing it and guarantee that it is performed by the most professional and experienced team of expert engineers. This is why we strongly believe that all kinds of lift removal should be left to the professionals. More accidents take place while removing lifts if you employ strip out contractors for the job. Lift removal services are required for various purposes it could be a standalone project or when a whole building is under construction. Either way it is essential to employ a lift maintenance company to perform all your lift removals and avoid opting contractors to do the job.

This is where we come in and our professional expert engineers understand that there is more to removing a lift than just simply taking it out. In order to practice strict safety protocols while removing a lift our engineers make sure that every work platform complies with the requirements of LOLER. Every platform should be provide with necessary toe-boards, guard rails and overhead protection. Our highly experienced and talented engineers are prepared to face any unpredictable circumstances and will perform swift decision-making in times of an emergency. When it comes to removing a lift there are several technical components evolved which can only be understood and handled by our expert engineers who possess the knowledge and professionalism to carry out the task within safety measures.

If you are looking to obtain more information about our lift removal service, please feel free to get in touch with one of our expert advisor who will guide you accordingly. It is best to refrain from employing non-lift professionals thinking they will do the job cheaper. Several incidents take place that put the safety of your workers in jeopardy therefore, don’t hesitate to give us call because our friendly and passionate staff will address all your problems promptly and offer an effective solution.

Lift Products

Are you looking for a new beautiful and functional lift but don’t want to pay extravagant prices for it? Well you have come to the right place! We have several years of experience of lift installation and it is one of the specialty services that we offer to our clients. With a diverse portfolio of clients, we have been able to cater to differing needs and requirements, which have provided us with the necessary hands-on exposure so that we can meet your expectation and deliver unrivalled high quality service. We possess exceptional expertise in all kinds of lift installations from passenger lifts and goods lifts to platform lifts and document hoists, we do it all.

You can rest assured that your lift installation is in good hands because our expert team of engineers will completely manage every aspect of the installation to ensure safety and security of your passenger and supplies.